Unusual: a brand of alfajores ran out of wrappers due to the stocks and "apologize a thousand times" to his clients

The salteña alfajores factory “Teuco” apologized to its customers for delivering its products without packaging. “We apologize,” they said.

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08/02/2022 – 10:15 p.m.

Unusual: a brand of alfajores ran out of wrappers due to the stocks and "asks a thousand apologies" to its customers

Among the latest government announcements to avoid economic collapse, that of the obstacles to imports was one of the ones that gave the most to talk about. The measure hindered the optimal delivery of products and services of large corporations, but it also affected the purchase of supplies by small businesses and SMEs.

Such is the case of a family business of alfajores from Salta, that he had to apologize to his buyers for delivering the product without packaging due to the lack of supplies such as ink, paper and glue.

The stocks on imports complicate even alfajores

On this occasion, the firm Teuco from Salta decided to leave a particular message to its clients, who since 1975 buy their handmade alfajores.

“Because of the great problem that our country has due to the import quota of inputs that are not manufactured here, and income is very limited, our supplier was unable to print the wrappers,” says the message written on a piece of paper that is delivered along with the pack of six alfajores.

Caramel cookies

Alfajores “Teuco” apologized for not delivering the product with the corresponding inputs, which are imported.

Because of this difficulty, the cafeteria and factory of alfajores decided to ask “a thousand apologies” to its customers “for not being able to print the wrappers for the chocolate alfajores”.

In this line, the owner of the factory, Daniel Morales, expressed: “We ran out of stock, we always use aluminum foil like the one used by people from Mar del Plata. We don’t want to resort to plastic wrappersand our usual supplier told us that he couldn’t replace us, that he didn’t have the necessary inks and glues”.

“After two years of pandemic, where the business was complicated, we have to work more than ever”Morales lamented and added: “In this country something different always happens.”

How long will the stocks on imports last?

According to the president of the Central Bank (BCRA), Miguel Pesce, companies are going to have to live with the limits for imports at least until the end of this month or the beginning of September. It is worth remembering that the measure has been in force since the first days of July.

Along with Batakis, Alberto Fernández announced the clamping down on imports, among other economic measures to alleviate the crisis.

Together with Batakis, Alberto Fernández announced the clamp on imports and other economic measures to alleviate the crisis.

From that moment on, it is to be expected that the pressures exerted on the demand for dollars by energy imports will decrease due to a seasonal issue and with it, you can loosen the trap.

Each of the economic taken by the management of Alberto Fernández seems to be plugging holes without showing signs of planning. Such is the case of the tourist dollar or the countryside dollar, the strong control of prices in the face of inflation, and the restructuring of almost an entire team in the face of the lack of direction in the country’s economy.

This Wednesday, After taking office and around 7:00 p.m., the new Minister of Economy, Agriculture and Production, Sergio Massa, would announce measures in order to extend the economic calm that seems to be beginning to emerge again in Argentina.

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