Unusual: Goku has never crossed a word with this member of the Dragon Ball Z Warriors

In more than 36 years of history it is normal to find curiosities in the adventures of dragonball. But there are some that are unusual, like the fact that Goku has never crossed a single word with one of his friends and a member of the Z Fighters.

The character has existed in Dragon Ball stories since the very first arcs, in which Goku was a powerful boy with a tail. And even so, although they have been repeatedly in the same place, they have not engaged in a single conversation.

According to what the portal reviews geekmi, from whom we take this unusual finding, the fact occurs strictly in the manga. In the anime, although they have spoken on occasion, this pair has talked very little.

And that is not about any warrior. He is one of the members of the Z family and appears, as our cover shows, in the photo of the most important warriors who have defended the Earth.

Goku, tell him something!

It is not about anything personal, nor about a bad relationship between the two. There has simply never been a conversation between the two.

This is Chaoz, the faithful companion of Ten Shin Han. Since his appearance as a disciple of Master Tsuru, Roshi’s rival, this little white man has never been one of many words.

In the martial arts tournament, he loses to Krillin and never talks to Goku. After that, Kakaroto goes to train with Kami Sama and since then there is very little coincidence with Chaoz.

In the moments in which they could be together, Ten’s friend either dies or is simply not in a position to face one of the dangerous threats, because he fell behind on the scales of power levels.

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