Update gives the Xbox Series S more power

Will the games on the Xbox Series S run a tad faster in the future? An actual Update for the dev kits the console at least provides a suitable foundation. One Change in storage management could give the developers a little more breathing space and thus the performance drive up. You can find all the important details on this with us.

This is what the new update does

As reported by The Verge magazine, among others, developer studios around the world have a updated Software Development Kit the Xbox Series S respectively corresponding update receive. At the same time, a matching video was released, which gives a little more detail on the most important changes included in the new update. Accordingly, the teams now have “more control over the memory, which can improve graphics performance under limited memory situations”.

Furthermore, there is talk of “several hundred megabytes of memory” that will be available to the developer studios from now on. It could indeed affect the performance of some games. Unlike the more expensive Xbox Series X (buy now €549.00) is the Xbox Series S only with 10 gigabytes of RAM equipped, of which two gigabytes are reserved for the tasks of the operating system. This ultimately leaves the development teams only eight gigabyteswith which to work.

This logically entails some restrictions. Most games currently only run in one on the Xbox Series S 1080p resolutionalthough theoretically up to 1440p would be possible. The additional memory that is now available allowsr no huge jumpsbut should definitely change in the game or other have a positive effect – either in terms of resolution or refresh rate. The near future will show what the developers will do with the additional resources can start.

Source: The Verge

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