Update makes AMD chips even slower under Windows 11

AMD warned last week that the update to Windows 11 could lead to a loss of performance. Now Microsoft has released a first update of its new operating system – and this makes the problem according to a report by „The Verge“ only worse. The latency is increased and that leads to an even worse performance.

AMD and Microsoft have two problems with Windows 11 discovered in Ryzen processors, which affect the L3 cache and slow down the performance of the computer by up to 15 percent, at least in some games. The second problem concerns AMD’s core technology. This occurs especially with CPU-intensive tasks. Unfortunately, the Windows 11 update has made the shortcomings worse.

Patches for both identified problems are to be released at the end of the month, it is said. Microsoft even mentioned that October 19th as a possible date for a patch to address the problems with the AMD processors.

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