Update to iOS 16: That’s how great the interest is after the first week

Compared to the two previous iOS versions, iPhone users have so far shown moderate interest in updating to the new version of the operating system, iOS 16. According to figures from the analysis company Mixpanel, 22.1 percent of users installed the update a week after publication.

This is more users than iOS 15 a year ago. Here, only 16.9 percent tapped on updating in the first week. But it’s less than two years ago. At the time, 30.7 percent immediately followed the switch to iOS 14 in the first seven days – at least according to the Mixpanel figures, which are based on data that the company collects in web and smartphone apps.

iOS 16 has already increased over the course of the week. After the first 24 hours, 6.7 percent of the recorded users recognized the new version, slightly more than iOS 15, which came to 6.5 percent. iOS 14 was already installed by almost one in ten people on the day of release (9.2 percent).

The success of iOS 14 can probably be explained by the introduction of the home screen widgets and the app library, a new point of contact for the installed apps on the device. iOS 15, which appeared in the middle of the pandemic’s lockdown phase, seemed smaller in comparison. This included changes to FaceTime and the introduction of Focus Mode, among other things, but the changes weren’t as visually pervasive as they were in iOS 14.

iOS 16 will probably appear more attractive to users with the changed lock screen, among other things, but can be installed on less older devices. This could explain why it doesn’t match the percentages of iOS 14.

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