Urban development: Citizens’ forum criticizes the collection of ideas for the A-52 design

The Citizens’ Forum in Gladbeck does not believe in thinking about the design of the future A-52 cover. Further doubts about the highway construction.

The Gladbeck Citizens’ Forum can “only shake its head,” writes chairman Franz Kruse, about the administration’s event for the collection of ideas and the presentation of the A 52 by Gladbeck. There is not even a ready-made preliminary plan for the motorway through Gladbeck, “how do you want to present the surface and what should you plan?”

The city has already hired a communications company unnecessarily “to create an advertising concept for the still very uncertain tunnel and, in the first step, to collect ideas for the design that are effective for the public.” Kruse: “A completely wrong and also useless spending!” Even with a tunnel, the realization of which the Citizens’ Forum still doubts, “the huge motorway junction with 18 lanes and three levels in Wittringen and the enormous additional traffic load does not make it a bit better “. Against the increase in noise on the A2 and the fine dust problem along the A 52 and A 2, a nice surface plan at the outdoor pool is of no use.

Kruse: The lane on the Deckel will not be a city street, but an A-52 feeder

The citizens’ forum is also certain that a road on the roof of the motorway would not be a city street, but a motorway feeder to the entrances and exits at the ends. Kruse: “No matter how many good ideas there can be, there will be no quality of stay at the feeder. It will divide the city in exactly the same way as before on the B 224. “

Whether there would even have to be noise protection walls there because of the heavy car and truck traffic will only be apparent after the Federal Motorway Company has completed the preliminary draft. Kruse: “In the earlier plans for a motorway tour with an open gallery above, there were definitely some.”

“The enormous costs speak more in favor of an open expansion”

The Citizens’ Forum is convinced: “The enormous cost increases of the tunnel speak more in favor of an open expansion of the A 52 with a raised road above it.” A late departure from the A 52 will not be possible in Gladbeck, “because once the motorway junction is up and running If there is more traffic flowing through Gladbeck, further construction through Gladbeck will be a must, regardless of the form in which the expansion takes place ”.

The citizens’ forum also criticizes the plans with a view to the necessary traffic turnaround. Opposing decisions would be necessary to achieve the climate target. Kruse: “The funds that are now going into this backward-looking project from the last century are torpedoing climate protection and are urgently needed for projects in the sense of a traffic turnaround with better local public transport and alternatives for truck freight transport.”

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