US Supreme Court meets for the first time after abortion draft leak

For its part, the court did not report on what was discussed at the meeting, apart from noting that at least one decision will be announced on Monday.

As usual, Judge Amy Coney Barrett was responsible for taking the notes during the meeting.

The abortion case is one of 37 unresolved cases which were discussed in the fall, winter and spring. Judges typically issue their decisions in early summer..


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Last Thursday’s conference was held at a particularly tense moment, where the future of abortion rights at stake Y an investigation for the purpose of determining the source of the leak.

$!Abortion rights activists protest outside the United States Supreme Court in Washington.

Abortion rights activists protest outside the US Supreme Court in Washington.

For his part, Last week Judge John Robert, President of the Court, confirmed the veracity of the draft, which was released by the media Politician and gave the order to the bailiff of the court that start an investigation.


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Roberts then noted that the draft, written by Samuel Alito and that circulated in February, may not be the final judgment of the Court.

In this sense, the decisions of the Supreme Court are not final until they are formally issued and the results in some cases change the initial votes of the judges after hearing the arguments and the final announcement of the decisions.

$!Protesters protest in front of the US Supreme Court in Washington.

Demonstrators protest outside the US Supreme Court in Washington.

This happened in the ruling on abortion in 1992 and, which is now under threat, the case of Planned Parenthood vs. Caseywhen Judge Anthony Kennedy initially specified that he would be part of a majority to reverse the Roe ruling, however in the end was among the five that reaffirmed the basic right initially established by the highest court in 1973.


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At that time, Kennedy met with Justices Sandra Day O’Connor and David Souter for the purpose of producing a joint opinion, without giving the people or even the other justices any clues as to what was happening.


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For their part, the experts are of the opinion that they do not believe that leaking the draft greatly changed the outcome in the case.

Contours are unlikely to change overall”, Said Mary Ziegler, scholar of the History of Abortion at Florida State University.

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