USA charts for August: Madden NFL 23 returns, PS5 and Xbox Series sales continue to climb

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And we begin as usual this overview of the results for the month of August with the sales of gear which increased by 14% in value compared to last year at the same period, to reach 375 million dollars. An increase which is of course explained by the improvement in the production capacities of the latest generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft. It should be noted, however, that since the beginning of the year, expenditure on equipment has slightly declined by 4% to reach a total of 2.9 billion dollars.

And it is the PS5 which, like last month, holds the upper hand, both in terms of value and units sold. The Nintendo Switch remains the best-selling console in 2022, but the PS5 retains its first place in terms of revenue. Finally, the latest from Sony, like those from Microsoft, recorded a double-digit percentage increase in sales compared to last year.

In terms of game sales, the release of Madden NFL 23 in the heart of August was obviously crowned with success since the Electronic Arts title took first place in the rankings and at the same time became the fifth best-selling game of the year. A performance that the license achieves for the 23rd consecutive year. And it’s another newcomer that grabs the second position, Saints Row, taking advantage of a relatively calm month of August in terms of releases to make its mark. A ranking also turned upside down by the strong comeback of Marvel’s Spider-Man, catapulted from 84th to second place thanks to its release on PC. It is also the best selling game on Steam this month. There was also a nice rebound for Horizon Forbidden West, which rose from 28th to 12th place in the ranking thanks to a reduction in its selling price during the month.

All these movements have the effect of relegating Elden Ring to 4th position, which, six months after its release, remains an excellent performance, especially since the title signed From Software remains the best-selling of this year. The MultiVersus phenomenon, which took the top step of the podium last month thanks to the sales of Founder’s Pack, lost steam slightly this month and fell back to 5th position. Same thing for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 which lost six places to fall to tenth position. Nintendo also retains only five of its exclusives in this ranking against seven last month.

Finally, on the accessories side, the American market recorded a further drop in revenue of 18% compared to the previous year, against 15% last month, to reach an amount of 138 million dollars. A decline that the NPD Institute attributes to a decrease in consumer spending on headsets and controllers. Since the beginning of the year, revenues in this accessories segment have fallen by 14% compared to last year, to reach a total of 1.4 billion dollars.

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