Users report new printer problems after the Windows 10 patch

Microsoft published another correction for the so-called PrintNightmare vulnerabilities for Windows with the October Patch Day. In addition, the update for the latest Windows 10 versions should fix printing problems, but brings new ones with it.

As with the previous monthly patches, more users are now reporting problems with network printers and Windows servers. Little is known about it so far. In contrast to the printing problems that occurred in connection with Windows 11, Microsoft has not yet confirmed any new errors in the Knowledge Base. So far it has only been said that with the Update KB5006670, which is offered for the latest Windows 10 versions 21H1, 20H2 and 2004, network printers are no longer addressed. Windows administrators report according to the Günter Born’s blog after the update again from extensive problems with network printing, problems with reinstalling the printer drivers and much more.

The confirmation of the problems is still pending

So far, however, it is not known how common the problems are and what exactly they can be traced back to. In the case of the previous patches that disrupted the printer, however, an explanation and an official workaround were promptly provided, followed by updates from the printer manufacturers. Microsoft is not that far yet.

The vulnerability is actively exploited

The security hole that will be fixed by the October patch must be closed because it is actively being exploited. However, the new patch hampers printing, so according to user reports, the function could only be restored after uninstalling the update.

Microsoft has so far No update in the list of known problems yet published for the individual October patches. In the previous security fixes for the PrintNightmare vulnerabilities, changes to the settings were behind the printing problems. Those who are affected have to wait and see and keep an eye on the support pages for the respective Windows version. The only practicable solution so far is to uninstall the update, but then of course the security-relevant changes from the October patch are missing. We will report as soon as there is news from Microsoft.

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