VA Syd must pay millions for security deficiencies

It was at the beginning of May that the county administrative board decided that municipality-owned VA Syd had so seriously failed in its security work that the company had to pay a penalty fee. In addition to not having carried out any security checks on a large group of employees, they have also not updated their security plan since 2013.

Blame the former employee

The County Administrative Board considered that VA Syd should pay 7 million in penalty fees. The company appealed to the administrative court, which now writes down the fee by one million.

VA Syd has always said that the errors committed are due to a former employee who did not do his job. The court writes in its judgment that it is difficult to draw any other conclusion than that the person acted “very inappropriately and nonchalantly”, but that this does not absolve VA Syd from responsibility. It is the board and people in a leading position who are responsible for reviewing the security work. The court considers that the management’s “absence of activity” was serious.

Lowers the fee

The lack of security work is serious, but because the company did not act with intent and because it cooperated with the authorities since the deficiencies were discovered, the administrative court writes down the penalty fee to six million.

SVT Nyheter Skåne seeks VA Syd for a comment on the verdict.

This is how we previously reported on the security flaws:

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Hear Patrik Åkesson from the County Administrative Board Skåne talk about the risks of the missed safety tests in the clip above. Photo: SVT

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