Vacation planning: Travel abroad: Take care of your valid passport in good time

If you haven’t traveled for a long time due to the corona lockdown, you may now need a new passport. That’s how you get it, that’s how much it costs.

If you want to go on holiday outside the EU, you need a passport. If you don’t have one yet or if the old one has expired, you need a new one. All information about the passport is available on the website of the Federal Ministry of the Interior and des Foreign Office.

The passport is applied for at the citizens’ office at the respective place of residence. If you have more than one place of residence, the main place of residence goes to the citizens’ office. Elsewhere they double fees .

A normal passport has 32 pages and costs 60 euros for people aged 24 and over, including 37.50 euros. If you travel a lot, you can also apply for a passport with 48 pages, in which case another 22 euros are due. A children’s passport costs 13 euros.

Take care of everything in good time

You must always bring a biometric passport photo. Which other documents are required in each case can be found on the homepage of the relevant citizens’ office. The responsible citizens’ office can be found, for example, at the so-called Authority finder .

Planning at an early stage helps: in some places, appointments at the Citizens’ Registration Office cannot be made in a hurry. Once the application has been made, it usually takes at least two weeks before the passport can be picked up. Those in a hurry can also apply for it using the express procedure. If the express application is received by the passport manufacturer by 12 noon, the passport will be available on the following third working day. This service costs an additional 32 euros.

Temporary passport on the fly

If the express variant is not sufficient either, a temporary passport can be issued. The citizens’ office may want to see evidence such as flight tickets or other travel documents. The period of validity is adapted to the purpose of the trip and is a maximum of one year. The provisional passport cost 26 euros; a biometric passport photo is also required here.

Attention, however: A few countries do not recognize the provisional passport for entry or visa-free entry. This includes the USA, for example. (dpa)

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