Vaccination patch against Corona: Does the latest medical discovery help better than the syringe?

Since the beginning of corona pandemic in 2020, scientists are looking for the best way to virus combat effectively and sustainably. With the rapid development of Corona vaccines a big step in this direction has already been taken. As early as January 2022, Swiss scientists conducted a study in which the effectiveness of a vaccination patch against the infection was tested.

now shines Australian researchers from the University of Queensland to have made the breakthrough: the scientists have Study results publishedwhich should prove that a Vaccination through a patch could be eleven times more effective than through the conventional syringe.

Vaccination patch against Corona: This is how the medical discovery should work

That Pavement according to researchers, is attached to the skin so that the contained Active ingredient directly into the skin layers penetrate, because these are particularly rich in immune cells. Therefore, the patch is more effective than an injection, emphasizes Christopher McMillan from the University of Queensland.

“We have found that vaccination via a patch is about eleven times more effective in combating the omicron variant than with the same vaccine administered via a needle,” explains the researcher, who is one of the study’s principal investigators science magazine Sciencedaily.

According to the researcher, he assumes that the currently available Corona vaccines lose effectiveness as the pandemic progresses. According to McMillan, the reason for this is the many mutations in the virus. Especially the Omicron variant have confirmed this assumption.

Vaccination patches: Eleven times more effective – and easier to administer?

the Vaccination method via patch with the active ingredient “Hexapro” is not only more effective against new corona variants, but also much easier to administer – after all, with the new vaccination method no spades more needed.

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The next step is to produce more vaccine patches in order to prepare a large-scale study.

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