Valentina and Rúrik – She comforts herself, he shocks with a new frize

Ex-soccer player Rúrik Gíslason (33) is said to have separated from GZSZ star Valentina Pahde (27). BILD found out about this from the couple’s closest circle.

It all started so nicely. The actress and the athlete both danced this season on “Let’s Dance” and reached the finals at the end of May. They were competitors on the floor, but got on really well. The TV viewers also noticed this during the live shows.

But this beautiful summer seems to be history. According to BILD information, Rúrik wants to pick up some personal items from Valentina’s apartment in Berlin in the next few days.

And now? The GZSZ darling consoles himself with wine and her friend.

Valentina on a wine date with her friend Photo: @ valentinapahde / Instagram

In Valentina’s Instagram story, she cuddles up to her friend Irina Kuss. Valentina’s confidante is also her make-up fairy and responsible for many beautiful looks.

Both of them have known each other for a long time – and there was certainly a little distraction for Pahde on the evening girls’ date by candlelight.

What is Rúrik doing? At the same time, he shocked his fans with a nasty new frize: bald!

Oh my godness!  THIS is how Rúrik looks without his trademark mane

Oh my godness! THIS is how Rúrik looks without his trademark mane Photo: @ rurikgislason / Instagram

Actually, the cliché says that after a breakup, women go straight to the hairdresser to get rid of the contaminated sites. But Rúrik’s mane, which is sacred to him, suddenly disappeared on an Instagram snapshot. And the ex-kicker is hardly recognizable.

“Thank you”, he writes about the snapshot with a beard and plate – in the direction of his stylist. She puts her thumb up and thinks it’s great. But don’t worry: of course this photo is a sham and Rúrik’s hair is still there for real.

Even when he parted ways with Valentina – he remains loyal to the mane.

Here they stood together in the final of

Here they stood together in the final of “Let’s Dance”: Valentina (left) with dance partner Valentin Lusin and Rúrik with professional Renata Lusin (Valentin’s wife)Foto: Getty Images

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