Valeria Piazza said that she tested positive for Covid-19 days before her wedding: “I thought I had to cancel it” | VIDEO

The former Miss Peru and television host, Valeria Piazza, revealed that she tested positive for Covid-19 a few days after celebrating her wedding with her boyfriend Pierre Cateriano.

For a moment, Valeria thought that she would not be able to carry out her dream wedding, which she planned for years because she has been in a relationship with her husband for 11 years. This is how she told it on the program ‘America Espectáculos’.

There came a time when I had a fever, I was sick and in the end it came out positive for Covid-19, I started crying because I thought I had to cancel the wedding. I said it can’t be that three or four days before I get married that I have Covid-19″, Valeria told as part of the anecdotes that she will always remember about her wedding.

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Valeria Piazza enjoyed every detail of her wedding to the fullest, but that did not distract her to see how they were dressed, her guests, her favorites were: “I really liked (the dress) of Brunella, that of Natalie Vértiz and that of Rebeca Escribns who is always right“, said.

She also commented that the one who danced the most at her wedding was the host of ‘America hoy’, who danced with all the uncles of the newlywed. “Janet, I’ve seen you dance with my uncles. My uncles took her out to dance and she was happy”, he counted.

America Shows: Note from Valeria Piazza
America Shows: Note from Valeria Piazza

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