Valérie Damidot: her moving testimony on her two abortions

Valérie Damidot gave a strong and poignant testimony on abortion while a bill, aimed at extending the time limit for resorting to abortion, will be studied in the National Assembly.

It is a movement that counts. A dozen personalities have just taken the floor to break the abortion taboo by relying on their personal experience. Juliette Arnaud, Clémentine Autain, Aurore Bergé, Giulia Foïs, Enora Malagré, Corinne Masiero, Anna Mouglalis, Barbara Pravi or even Valerie Damidot all testified at the end of November 2021 for the magazine Causette, at the initiative of the movement # YesJaiAborted. A date far from trivial since the Bill to extend the period of recourse to abortion from twelve to fourteen weeks of pregnancy will soon be examined.

The guilty speech of the doctor

The former star of D&Co on M6, and which now operates on TF1, delivers a moving story. She was then twenty years old: “I was not ready to be a mom. I had an abortion at my vacation spot. That was 36 years ago. The doctor who was supposed to abort me fully understood my reasons, but on D-Day he couldn’t come. His replacement made me feel guilty. ‘You’re sure ? It’s a child there. And it is irreversible. ‘ When I left, I said to myself: ‘You’re here to do a medical procedure, not to tell me it’s going to end up in the trash, motherfucker’.

Valérie Damidot surrounded by her family

If the young woman of the time was lucky to be able to be surrounded by her relatives during this period, this is unfortunately not always the case. Hence the importance of her testimony which, she hopes, will move the lines. “I wish they had explained to me more how it was going to go. No one had warned me that so much blood was flowing. I did not have pain, but it created a stress, a difficult fatigue“says the now mother of Norman and Roxane, her two children. Valérie Damidot continues her story by confiding to have had recourse to abortion on two occasions:”I also had an abortion later, on my return from diapers, after the birth of my son. I was 29 and already had two children. There wasn’t even a discussion.

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