Valeshia in a lovely Genshin Impact Keqing cosplay

The cosplayer community has a great fondness for the popular Genshin Impact video game, largely due to its astonishing cast of playable characters, which often serves as a source of inspiration for artists around the world.

Something that has surprised us is that today will not be the exception, since a beautiful cosplayer considered it appropriate to make a beautiful characterization of one of the characters of the beloved video game developed by miHoYo, so we will delve into a truly charming cosplay, dedicated to the female character Keqing from Genshin Impact.

Best of all, this characterization was made by the beautiful cosplayer model Valeshia, better known as valeshia_lauren, on her official Instagram account, where we can see in detail each of her other creations inspired by the Genshin Impact video game, by what has already become an expert.

While the game continues to expand with each new update, fans of the action RPG miHoYo have certainly not forgotten the “old glories” that have accompanied the Traveler on his adventures since the title’s release.

To the degree that Valeshia has decided to try her luck in a Keqing cosplay to celebrate the character’s birthday. Keqing is one of the main characters players will encounter during Genshin Impact’s Liyue arc.

Described as an incurable workaholic always in search of perfection, the Yuheng of Qixing has a very strong character and a certain distrust towards the Archon and Liyue’s followers, as she believes that humans should be the ones to rule the nation.

Valeshia took on the role of Keqing on the occasion of the birthday of her “favorite 5 star waifu”, as we can read in her Instagram post. Consequently, the cosplayer certainly did not skimp, creating a truly remarkable cosplay, as we can see from the care of the costume to the hairstyle, practically identical to that of the original character.

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