Valheim: Iron Gate presents the major update Mistlands

The viking survival game Valheim was a runaway success in 2020, but despite a decline in popularity over time, it still remained a very good game, on the contrary. Iron Gate continues to support its nugget which arrived at the end of September in the PC Game Pass and which will be released on consoles next year. Until then, new environments are presented to us.

Discover the misty lands of the Mistlands and its many mysteries

This second major update will immerse you in the Mistlands, a new biome that will bring its share of new enemies, resources to collect and mysteries to unravel. It will be possible to visit old temples or to craft new elements and, but the concrete information concerning the major update Mistlands are still very few.

However, be careful when watching this trailer because it contains spoilers! What is certain in any case is that this second major update will clearly enrich the experience of players on Valheim and we can expect all this to land by the end of the year. 2022, pending a more precise date.

Valheim joined PC Game Pass on September 29 and console players will still have to wait patiently before getting their hands on the Viking survival game. The release of the game on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One for early 2023 was formalized last June, as was cross-play between consoles and PC.

“As the mist stirs, long-forgotten secrets are revealed… Will you be brave and resilient enough to uncover them?” ยป

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