Valheim is already killing rows of brave Vikings – is considering getting tougher

The survival game Valheim has got a new, smaller content patch. In addition, the developers have answered a few questions on reddit. It turned out that the already tough game might be even more difficult …

What the developers say: In one AMA on reddit the Valheim development team spoke about the future of the game at the beginning of November. A fan asked if “harder modes” were a possibility. He would find heavier and longer dungeons or larger attacks on his base exciting.

The developer Montilyet replies: “We actually talked about that! That probably won’t happen until the 1.0 release of the game, but it is possible that different levels of difficulty will come up. “

Difficulties are an incentive in many adventure and action games to play through the respective game again. And the Devs already revealed earlier that Valheim will have an “end” at some point.

Death kits are already bad. They are supposed to get worse ?!

Valheim is so hard: However, a number of opponents in Valheim are already ensuring that the players die in rows. The bosses with their unique mechanics are not even the toughest opponents.

New players in particular are often surprised by the small, much more dangerous opponents in new areas. The little Fulinge and especially the death kits have a special place here.

Both opponents are significantly smaller than your game character – but can easily kick you out of the afterlife with one blow. Let’s see how tough they get on higher levels of difficulty. If you don’t want to wait that long, you can simply make Valheim more difficult for yourself:

Valheim is too soft for tough Vikings, transform it into hardcore survival with mods

Update brings new content – new biome is pending

This is in the patch: With the update from November 25th, Valheim received some new content. These include previously unknown “things” in the swamp biome as well as new armor. The armor is supposed to be made by precisely these unknown “things”.

In addition, the developers revealed that the mountain biome will soon have caves in which not only wolves are up to mischief. There were also a few words about the already known, new Nebellande biome.

New forms and terrains are slowly forming there, but there was no concrete information yet. But we can already say that many of you will find the Mistlands disgusting. We have hidden the pictures for the update in the spoiler for you, in case you prefer to explore it yourself later.

By the way: Input in the console has also been simplified and should now be able to use auto-completion better. This makes it easier to use Valheim’s practical admin commands.

When will the new content come? The armor and the unknown entity in the swamp are already in play. However, caves in the mountains and the foggy lands come later. Valheim has been in Early Access since February 2021 and has been further developed since then.

The team behind it was overwhelmed by the enormous success and is now concentrating on doing Valheim well. New content is therefore taking a little longer than planned, but is coming.

Most recently, Valheim received its first major content update, Hearth & Home, in September. Above all, this brought new cooking recipes, improved food and combat systems and loads of new components. A bizarre new structure was a great wish of the community:

Vikings asked for a garbage can in Valheim, got a god in person

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