Valheim – Suddenly there is new content: Everything about the surprise patch

Actually, the small patch for Valheim from November 25th should only have brought a few comfort improvements and fixed bugs. But the developers apparently insisted on adding new game content to the update and surprising the community.

As always, the makers give themselves extremely cryptic in the patch notes on Steam – All that is being said is that “something is stirring in the swamp” and that brave Vikings should take a look. Of course, that’s exactly what players did immediately and discovered some real innovations (if you don’t want to spoil the surprise – one applies from here onwards Spoiler warning for the new content).

What’s new in the swamp?

The new threat is a new type of creature that can appear randomly in any swamp biome. The so-called Abomination is a terrifyingly large four-legged monster from bewitched roots, which also attacks with devastating melee attacks and acts like a mini-boss.

What the whole thing looks like, the Youtuber Kysen has recorded here:

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Link to YouTube content

To get a subscription, you should take the following tips to heart:

  • Only weakens the monster from a distance with fire arrows
  • Wear a good set of armor and multiple buffs from food
  • Blocks or parries melee attacks with a shield
  • First kill smaller enemies like skeletons or draugr

Root Armor: The new armor set

Once you’ve done an abomination, it drops roots, a new crafting material. As soon as you collect root, the new recipes for your workbench are automatically activated. This includes:

Root Harness (Breastplate made of root)
Root Leggins (Leg armor made from root)
Root Mask (Helmet made of root)

To craft the items you need a level 2 workbench. Since the root set is made of wood, you are more susceptible to fire, but also more resistant to poison. As a bonus, you get an additional +15 to your bow skill if you put all three pieces together. It will look like that:

Valheim is one of the big surprise hits in 2021 and broke records on Steam shortly after the Early Access start.

The Viking survival hit is far from over! So if you’re wondering how things will go with Valheim: The developers have already revealed which new area will be added next!

And should you have missed the big update Hearth & Home so far, you can find our big food guide with all new recipes, buffs and potions at GameStar Plus!

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