Valheim, the Viking success continues: close to 8 million copies sold!

Within a few weeks of debuting in Early Access on Steam, Valheim has turned into a real gaming phenomenon, with the PC community enthusiastically welcoming the production.

Since then, the success of the Viking-style survival game has not slowed down, with fans who have become more and more numerous. With the launch dating back to February, in fact, already in May Valheim could count on almost 7 million copies sold. Now, the title signed by Iron Gate Studio reaches a new milestone, confirmed by the publisher Embracer Group.

As you can verify from the Tweet available directly at the bottom of this news, the videogame company has in fact disclosed the latest sales data relating to Valheim. Well, between May and June, survival was able to count on a further 1.1 million copies sold. With this added boost, the total goes to the more than remarkable figure of 7.9 million copies sold from the time of Day One until 30 June 2021.

Currently, Iron Gate Studio is working at full speed on post-launch support for the game, assisted by a highly optimistic Embracer Group about the future of Valheim. At the moment, there is still no precise date for the release of the Viking survival from the Early Access phase and the debut of its definitive version.

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