Validated (Canal +): where was the clip of "Glasses", the duo of Alonzo and Laetitia Kerfa?

Season 2 of Valid has been available since September 11 on Canal +. Among the guests, we find Alonzo, the time of filming a clip with Sara, the new heroine. But where was this clip actually shot?

When you produce a series that becomes a national success in just a few weeks, so much so that it becomes the biggest audience of all the original creations Canal+, the bar and expectations are necessarily very high for the second salvo. And Franck Gastambide did not take things lightly to Valid. He who had decided to kill his hero in season 1, played by rapper Hatik, hits hard with a season two devoted to the journey in the rap of a young woman named Sara and played by the actress and rapper Laetitia Kerfa. According to the creator, “the journey of a woman in rap is inevitably not ordinary, first of all because they are not numerous and because they are dealing with pitfalls which are not those of men. So, it was a staging and scriptwriter bias to tell an extraordinary journey. ” Bet already won since the series, which has just been bought by the American platform HBO, would still beat audience records according to Maxime Saada, CEO of Canal +.

Where was the music video for Glasses, duo between Alonzo and Lalpha, which appears in the series Valid ?

One of the ingredients of this success is undoubtedly the immersion that the series offers us in an environment still unknown to the general public: French rap. And Franck Gastambide has achieved the feat of having the big names in this urban music scene as a guarantee. If some actors of the series are real rappers, the guests were raining in season 1 between Soprano, Ninho or Kool Shen … This new season stays the course by welcoming Rhoff, Amel Bent and even Soolking. But it’s Alonzo that creates the event. In the series, he meets Sara, known as Lalpha, with whom he produces a song called Glasses. In the series, William, Sno and Sara go to Marseille to shoot the clip. And it is indeed there, in the exteriors of the Phocaean city, that the real clip was made. If some scenes of the series were shot on the legendary Vieux-Port, for the clip, the film crews headed for the border between the 3rd and 15th arrondissements. Indeed, it is at the foot of the building bars of the Félix-Pyat city that the clip was made. If it is a rather unusual filming location, this is not the first time this year that we have discovered this district of Marseille on the screen since it is also seen in the film. North Bac.

The pieces of the series are composed by the actors of Valid

In addition to Glasses, many are the titles to appear on the soundtrack of the series. And it is generally the actors themselves, accompanied by Sam’s, interpreter of Mastar, who create the pieces. During an interview with Télé-Loisirs, Franck Gastambide reviewed this process of creation: “In general, I take time with Laetitia so that we can see together what we want to tell in broad outline so that it is coherent with the story. Then, all the credit goes to Laetitia and Sams, who are lock up for hours and write and put down the sound. “

A series to be found in full on the website of Canal+

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