Valorant is well on its way to coming to consoles

When it was released in 2020, Valorant started as a pure PC shooter – and still is to this day. Riot Games apparently wants to change that. Several job offers indicate that the developer wants to further advance the ecosystem of its competitive shooter and thus increase the number of active players.

Does Valorant not feel so safe anymore?

Two key positions required for this step have been advertised by Riot Games. The company is looking for one senior designer and one design managerboth of which are designed to focus on the console space.

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Regarding the required qualifications, Riot Games speaks of a “solid understanding of the console FPS market”, experience with competitive “AAA console-based online games” and knowledge of PC, mobile and consoles. The last sentence could even indicate that Riot Games is also in the process of implementing their announced mobile plans for Valorant.

With Overwatch 2 as a new shooter competitor, it may be time for Riot Games to move to other platforms and expand its player base. In addition to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Riot Games’ competitive shooter has held up well so far and the company has also put a lot of effort into building an e-sports scene.

And yet: The way to PlayStation, Xbox and Mobile can’t hurt, because Blizzard’s hero shooter is also very popular and, unlike Valorant, is already available on many consoles. Valorant just has to go along with that.

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