Vampire Survivors: New patch brings you 2 new characters, a weapon and more

The wait for version 1.0 of Vampire Survivors continues, today’s release is version 0.10.0.

Dubbed The Not One, the latest update for the game also brings several new pieces of content with it.

This is what Update 0.10.0 has to offer

On the one hand, you get two new achievements, as well as two new characters, Cosmo Pavone and Big Trousers.

A new, secret option has been added to the menu and you can look forward to a new arcana and a new weapon.

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Finally, there are the usual “minor tweaks and bug fixes” that are usually to be expected.

It is still not known when version 1.0 of Vampire Survivors will come. Maybe soon? Hopefully we’ll find out soon.

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