Vandals set fire to a school in San Carlos

Vandals set fire to a school in San Carlos

The flames affected two offices of the school Nº 22 / EL DIA

The long weekend did not bring good news for the educational community of School No. 22, since the firefighters had to intervene to put out a fire that affected part of the facilities.

At this time they are investigating whether it was only a vandalism, or if those involved had the intention of committing a criminal act.

The accident occurred yesterday morning. Two crews from the San Carlos and Los Hornos firefighters had to go after 911 received a call alerting them to the fire that was consuming the facilities of the establishment located at 520 between 138 and 139.

Minutes later, one of the directors of the school was present at the scene, who, after the flames that affected the Directorate and two preceptories were extinguished, verified that there were no missing records.

Although it is a matter of investigation, the main hypothesis is that unknown individuals entered for the purpose of robbery and, finding nothing to take, decided to give up, but not before starting a fire.

The truth is that the establishment has been the victim of frequent attacks in recent months. This caused the alarm bells to go off in the educational community, since the situation seems to have no brakes.

Regarding this last act of vandalism, the sources investigating the case indicated that the first Fire Department from the Central Headquarters that arrived at the scene managed to easily enter the building, to begin the extinction tasks from an internal courtyard. .

They immediately requested support from their colleagues from Los Hornos. With both crews in the establishment, they finally got the fire under control.

Meanwhile, it was reported that the fire affected a room measuring approximately 10 by 5 meters. In addition, a visual inspection was carried out in the rest of the building, in order to prevent the spread of fire.

It is worth mentioning that, despite the fact that the place suffered serious damage and the walls were completely black due to the traces of the blaze, there were no injuries or fatalities.

Meanwhile, the authorities reported that today’s classes were suspended.

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