Vanessa Tenorio: “Antonio Cartagena is a liar”

Vanessa Tenorio, mother of Antonio Cartagena’s daughter, reveals that the singer is lying by saying that he has denounced him for psychological violence and that he complies with his daughter despite the fact that there is no sentence for the food trial.

“He is speaking lies, the complaint is for psychological abuse of his youngest daughter, it is not my person. On Sunday, October 10, on ‘D-Day’ he stated that he does not love his daughter, I never thought that he would say those things on television and my daughter was watching it. She started crying because she loves her father, since her psychologist has always told me never to speak ill of her father, even though he does not see her. I was mortified to see her crying “, he counted.

Your daughter is very upset.

Yes, he cannot say those things publicly. The children have already begun to tell her, in the middle of virtual classes, that her father does not love her, that has affected her and with the years the bullying will be greater. Here there is no lie or deception, he himself said it on television.

Antonio assures that he complies with his daughter’s pension even though there is no sentence for the maintenance trial.

How can there not be a sentence if in 2018 we had a final hearing where the judge sentenced him, there is a final sentence since 2018 that he is avoiding. There has also been a resolution that the food judge sends him to comply with the pension that was left in the sentence.

So, you are not complying with the pension.

I am fighting alone with my daughter, but the man fills his mouth saying that because of the pandemic he did not have a job. He is lying by saying that he works for his brother Wilmer Cartagena who pays him 2500 soles, then he sent an addendum stating that he pays him 1200 soles, but the judge does not believe him because they have been investigating him since 2017 and it was determined that the man has the economic capacity to support her daughter because she not only has income from her concerts.

How much do you have to pay?

The sentence ordered that he pay 800 soles per month, but since June 2020 he only deposits 384 soles, he does not spend the full pension. He has to meet his daughter. It also says that my daughter receives (money) from royalties. But in Apdayc (Peruvian Association of Authors and Composers) that man has also done a trick there by presenting writings where he gives his compositions, that is, royalties, to his son Michel Cartagena, to whom he passes by order of the San Borja Law Court of the Peace a pension of a thousand soles.


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