Vania Bludau attends a Bad Bunny concert accompanied by a mysterious heartthrob who holds her by the waist

vania bludau He was in the news again after sharing some videos that confirm his attendance at the concert that Bad Bunny performed in Miami, United States. Her model arrived accompanied by her friend, the dancer Valeria Sandoval, and a mysterious man who was holding her waist.

Through her Instagram stories, the model shared a series of videos in which she appears accompanied by a mysterious subject during the Bad Bunny concert. In others stories he appears dancing to the “bad rabbit” songs.

“She is not alone”, She wrote next to a video in which she appears next to the mysterious man who takes her by the waist, leaving open the possibility that she has given herself a new opportunity in love after the end of her relationship with Mario Irivarren.

Vania Bludau attended the Bad Bunny concert in Miami accompanied by a mysterious heartthrob. (Video: Instagram)

As recalled, Vania Bludau decided to return to the United States after the controversial end of her relationship with reality boy Mario Irivarren. At that time, the model said she had “lived through hell” next to the current participant of “This is war”.

After putting an end to their romance, Mario Irivarren began therapy and stayed away from television for several months. For her part, Vania Bludau returned to the United States and continued her life away from TV.

Currently, Vania Bludau is still abroad while Mario Irivarren decided to return to “This is war”, where he is part of the ‘warriors’ team.

Mario Irivarren affirms that he prefers to go on a trip instead of getting engaged in marriage

Mario Irivarren affirms that he prefers to go on a trip instead of getting engaged in marriage
Mario Irivarren, ex-partner of Vania Bludau, revealed how much should be paid to celebrate a marriage ceremony in the entertainment world. “A good wedding has an average of 150,000 to 200,000 dollars,” said the former reality boy, unleashing a popular “Giselo” joke in reference to why he did not commit to his ex-girlfriend, to which the model replied “How many trips Did I pay for it?” (Source: America TV)

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