Var fires: several surviving turtles have been released


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D. Brignard, P. Vaireaux, H. Ayroulet

France 2

France Televisions

Hermann’s turtles injured during the violent fires in the Var have regained their freedom and their natural space. The event aroused the emotion of the inhabitants.

A team from the 13 Hours newspaper witnessed the release of one of Hermann’s turtles seriously injured and saved in extremis during the fires in the Var this summer. “It’s really very important to release these turtles, where we found them, because this is their home. Even if it is an environment that has been set on fire, they will be able to find landmarks, small refuges and hiding places.”, Explains Jean-Marie Ballouard, a young biologist.

In August, a fire had destroyed part of the nature reserve of the plain of the dead which hosted the protected species. About thirty wounded reptiles are treated in the turtle village. Among the survivors, a baby turtle has become the mascot of the caretakers. “It’s a total miracle, because we never find these babies (…) it’s extraordinary that she managed to get out of it”exclaims one of them. Several turtles were released and fitted with a sensor for a year.

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