Various journalists have already been aggressively attacked twice on Bonn’s streets / HD Strauchburg is doing journalistic self-experiment against hate on the Internet on TikTok

31.10.2021 – 14:10

HD Strauchburg

Various journalists have already been aggressively attacked twice on Bonn's streets / HD Strauchburg is doing journalistic self-experiment against hate on the Internet on TikTok

Bonn (ots)

HD Strauchburg is diverse. Strauchburg says of himself: “I am 60 percent girl and only 40 percent boy”. For a few years now, HD has been wearing women’s clothing from head to toe, “however, except for carnival, no dresses, skirts or bras. Because I am diverse, but certainly not perverse,” she / he says.

Strauchburg has lived in Bonn since 2010 and was born in Hamburg in 1967. As a trained journalist, Strauchburg has now started an ongoing journalistic self-experiment. HD has been on TikTok for two months and publishes articles against haters online (#HaterRausAusDemNetz) and argues for hate comments. And HD’s plan worked. “With shrill posts I have repeatedly reached the sound barrier of more than 10,000 views and thus went viral. That logically – as wanted – called the haters on the scene. They now continuously provide me with the posts that I can then report on.” says the human.

Strauchburg is now experiencing the first attacks against himself. In Bonn, HD has already been attacked aggressively twice. She / he filed a complaint once. The perpetrators are still being sought. After all, Strauchburg was able to film an attack against himself. The material is available to the Bonn police.

“Now that I have taken on the role of an openly confessed diverse person, I notice how aggressive some people are towards our colorful society. Diversity is propagated everywhere, but who lives it is hate, agitation, insults, discrimination and violence As a Hamburg resident and now living in a cosmopolitan city, I would not have thought that possible before, “says Strauchburg. But that is precisely why HD continues to be able to show this publicly. “I don’t let anyone mute me!” Said Strauchburg.

Additional Information:

The TikTok videos with the comments – unless they have been deleted by the authors in the meantime – can be found here:

Strauchburg took a screenshot of every comment and saved it.

All of HD Strauchburg’s uncut videos can be found on his / her YouTube channel and can usually be embedded:

The attached pictures show HD shrub castle. They may be used free of charge for journalistic reporting with the naming of the photographer Manfred Limbach.

Background: In the early 2000s, Strauchburg attended all courses at the Axel Springer Journalism School (JAS) in Hamburg. Medium-Magazin selected Strauchburg among the 101 best German journalists. With his local editorial team at the time, HD won the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung’s local journalist award.

HD Strauchburg can, among other things, be booked as a panelist for discussions – including TV and radio – or as a model for advertising, campaigns or catalogs.

The e-mail contact for this: [email protected]

Instagram: #strauchburg

TikTok: @strauchburg


Legal: HD von der Strauchburg is an officially registered artist name in the federal identity card / passport. He / she is a model, author and journalist. The word “Strauchburg” has been a word mark registered with the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) under No. 30 2021 238 123 since October 14, 2021 and is therefore protected.

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HD Strauchburg
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