Vasconcelos’ penalty for his failed return to Colo Colo

Severino Vasconcelos is one of the idols of Colo Colo. The talented Brazilian player fully defended the Eternal Champion’s shirt, although he also went through a penalty that he remembers to this day.

Turns out that for the season of 89 ‘his return to the Cacique was being negotiated which finally did not materialize and the player himself remembers that moment.

“I did not pass the medical exams. I made sense with Colo Colo, but I overcame it and I still have great affection for him. I’m a fan of the club, but that moment was hard. I went to La Serena to play in 1988 and we played in the Copa Libertadores league, where we lost with Colo Colo at home and we beat him in the second leg with a goal from me at the National Stadium, “Vasconcelos recalled in an interview with LUN.

The medical check-up could not be overcome due to a serious accident he suffered while playing in Barcelona de Guayaquil, where his teammate Luis Quiñones fell on his neck on a slide and fractured his neck.

“I remember that my family was afraid, that if I went to bed I could die because it was a fracture of the second cervical vertebra in my neck. I was only thinking about my life. Barcelona was very good to me because it took care of all the expenses. They treated me like Pelé. I thought I could die, “the Brazilian said.

Finally, he remembered what was his arrival to the Cacique in 1978: “I was not convinced to come to Chile. We came to play a triangle game with Inter from Porto Alegre and Alfredo Asfura (leader of the Cacique at the time) approached me. I was not just any 10 in Brazil. Imagine what it was like to play with Roberto Falcao. I didn’t want to come, but Asfura convinced me because she wanted to bring me anyway. “

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