Vässla Pedal: a designer electric bike for rent at 69 euros/month

A new player in the rental of electric bikes is arriving in Paris. Vässla’s strong point? Its design certainly.

Vässla is a Swedish start-up that has made a name for itself by marketing an “electric bicycle without pedals” that more down-to-earth minds commonly call… a balance bike. His new bike, in addition to being more “classic”, could also make an impression. Indeed, in addition to displaying a rather original design, it is available for rental in Paris, where Vässla is based. Unveiled on the occasion of the car-free day, the new Vässla, soberly called “Pedal” is a compact and light VAE cut for the city.

From an aesthetic point of view, the Pedal clearly stands out from the fray with a very refined style, a single size and above all a fairly extensive integration whether at the level of the battery, the cables or the lighting. These are integrated into the seatpost (for the rear light) and just under the fork (for the front light). The battery merges completely into the wide diagonal tube, as for the cables, they are almost entirely concealed and only appear at the level of the hanger, between the brakes. Finally, the frame is based on small 24-inch wheels, Vässla’s VAE making the choice of maneuverability rather than speed. Nevertheless, this small wheel size fits perfectly with the compact design of the bike.
The technical sheet is more classic in nature, but not devoid of interest. The Pedal has a rear hub motor boasting a torque of 45Nm, which is just enough for the city. The Swedish bike for rent has three levels of assistance but works without gears. As for the battery, the Swedish firm does not give many details on its capacity, but announces 100 km of autonomy.

Three rental formulas with or without commitment

In addition, the Pedal has a certain connectivity since it is connected to an application which makes it possible to lock it and to have some information on its use such as the history of the routes of the bicycle. Finally, what also sets it apart from the competition is its distribution model. The Pedal is a bicycle for rent. Vässla offers three subscription packages starting at 69 euros per month (with a six-month commitment). Some plans also include a helmet, lock and even home repair insurance. Finally, it is also possible to subscribe to a non-binding package for a registration fee of 49 euros.

Launching the Vässla Pedal on World Car Free Day is a great example of how we see the city of tomorrow and aligns with our mission to build greener cities. By replacing the car for the shortest journeys, we can reduce carbon emissions by almost 99%. The vision behind the Vässla Pedal was to create a work of art in the form of a bicycle – both functional and sophisticated, with a unisex frame to be inclusive says Rickard Bröms, co-founder and CEO of Vässla. Vässla’s Pedal is available for rental today.

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