Västmanland joins forces to save energy – the municipalities met the governor at Västerås castle

The County Administrative Board has requirements for its own operations to save energy. The government, the previous one, decided that all government agencies with more than ten employees must reduce their energy use. In Västmanland, it is about, among others, the County Administrative Board, Mälardalen University and the Employment Service.

– We as a government authority must set a good example, but the municipalities must also be able to do that, says Johan Sterte.

Energy advisors help

In their work, the municipalities partly focus on their own operations, but also work with private individuals, organizations and companies in the municipalities with advice regarding energy efficiency. A part municipalities have their own climate and energy advisers such as Hallstahammar and Västerås. Other cooperates with the Mälardalen Energy Officewhere they provide the service to the municipalities.

In the clip, the governor talks about energy efficiency and the collaboration.

The county governor invited the municipal councilors from the municipalities around Västmanland to increase the pace of energy efficiency in the municipalities. Photo: Fredrik Björkholm/SVT

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