Vattenfall: Mistakes behind reactor shutdown at Ringhals

The affected personnel are being taken care of, the company’s press manager Anna Collin told DN.

– Everyone knows the consequences of what this has led to, so it is clear that it does not leave anyone untouched, she says.

After planned maintenance work this summer, reactor 4 was to be restarted at the end of the summer. Then something went wrong. According to Vattenfall’s investigation, a pressure vessel was to be tested. During the test, heaters were activated, causing overheating as the pressure vessel was not filled with water at the time.

Insufficient instruction

Vattenfall describes the incident as a mistake. A flawed instruction is behind the handling error, says the press manager to DN.

– Those directly involved are taken care of and it is emphasized in particular that there are no suspicions of intent, sabotage or the like against anyone, says the company’s CEO Björn Linde in a press release.

When Vattenfall broke the news about the damaged reactor at the end of August, it was thought that the fault would be fixed before winter. Later, the forecast was changed to January 31 this year. Svenska kraftnät fears that the reactor’s absence from electricity production will lead to higher prices and a higher risk of power shortages in electricity price area 4.

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Ringhals CEO Björn Linde does not want to speculate on how this could affect electricity prices. Photo: TT/Ring neck

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