Vecchio tells the firm: He played with the handbrake against Union

The Transition 2013 It must be one of the worst tournaments that Colo Colo has had in its recent history, seeing the fight for the title quite far away and passing through absolute mediocrity in the middle of the table.

Like a cherry on a rather sour cake we had to say present at the Santa Laura on the final date of that contest, facing a Spanish Union that was looking for a victory that would allow it to be champion hand in hand with José Luis Sierra on the bench.

One who played a game at least strange that afternoon of May 26, 2013 was Emiliano Vecchio, who was literally a ghost on the grass of the Independencia court, throwing corner kicks that went to the other side of the playing field and without playing at 100% of their capabilities.

In conversation with ESPN, the Argentine midfielder revealed the reasons for his bad game: He played with the handbrake because of the affection he still had for his former club in a definition for the title.

“I played for Unión Española, a club where I lost a final on penalties and then they sold me to Colo Colo. The next semester on the last date we played against the Union and if they beat us they were champions, but if we won the champion it was a classic rival of ours (Universidad Católica) ”, Vecchio stated.

In that sense it was clear to say that “Because of the affection that I had for Unión Española and the option that a classic rival of ours would come out as champion, I was not going to score any goals. The Spanish Union won in the end. The corners ended a little late that day ”.

That day Vecchio met again with José Luis Sierra, one of the most important coaches of his career. | Photo: UNO Agency.

Fortunately, Vecchio was able to respond in the following tournaments, being key in obtaining the Clausura 2014 from the hand of Héctor Tapia on the bench, ending several years without titles for Colo Colo.

Emiliano Vecchio wore the Alba jersey for three seasons, where he played 122 games, scored 24 goals and won the Clausura 2014 and Apertura 2015. Today he is one of the figures in Rosario Central on the other side of the mountain range.

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