Vecchio’s former partner in the Cacique also joined the controversy

Great impact caused the statements of Emiliano Vecchio saying that he played badly on purpose in the Colo Colo match against Unión Española in 2013, when the Hispanics and the Catholic University they were fighting for the title on the last date.

In conversation with ESPN, the current Rosario Central midfielder commented that “I played for Unión Española, a club where I lost a final on penalties and then they sold me to Colo Colo. The next semester on the last date we played against the Union and if they beat us they were champions, but if we won, the champion was a classic rival of ours (UC) “.

Later, he pointed out that he did play backwards, noting that “Because of the affection that I had for Unión Española and the option that a classic rival of ours would come out as champion, I was not going to score any goals. The Spanish Union won in the end. The corners ended a little late that day “.

The Argentine’s revelation caused a stir in the world of football and as expected, the answers did not take long to arrive. Footballers, the current president of the Catholic University and now a Vecchio’s former partner in the Cacique joined the controversy.

It’s about the defender Lucas Dominguez, who in said match saw action from the first minute and saw all the corners badly executed by Rosario. Through his Twitter account, the defender pointed out that “We are still waiting for the corner kick”.

Review Domínguez’s statement:

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