Vegedream comes out of silence in TPMP, a few days after his attack (VIDEO)

A few days after his assault, the rapper Vegedream comes out of silence this Monday, October 3 in Touche pas à mon poste and makes things clear.

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The case caused a stir. On the night of Friday September 30 to Saturday October 1, we learned of the attack on rapper Vegedream. The interpreter of the tube “Bring the cup home” was thus hit and robbed in Villetaneuse, in Seine-Saint-Denis, as he returned to his home. According to information from Parisian, he allegedly told the police that he had an appointment with a prostitute, before finally finding two men and a woman, all hooded, in the lobby of the building, who surrounded him, then hit him, before spraying him tear gas. What the rapper denies in block.

Vegedream denies in block and delivers its version of the story

Because Vegedream made a surprise intervention this evening, in Do not touch My TV. While Cyril Hanouna was talking about the case, the artist took his phone to contact the host, in order to make things clear: “Do you realize how fast it goes when you give out false information, it can ruin someone’s life like that stupidly.” He then gives his version of the facts: “The real story is that I had to go to the studio, I don’t know if I was policed ​​or I don’t know what, they tried to steal my motorcycle, I took shelter with people, and from there , I hear stories of prostitution, nothing to do, my motorbike is still there, they tried to steal me, they gassed me”.

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All leads investigated by the police

He reveals that he did not notify his family at the time of the attack, and thathe was unaware of a history related to prostitution. After the events, he was taken care of by the firefighters and was then treated at the Delafontaine hospital in Saint-Denis, the police, for their part, explain that they are exploring all avenues to understand the reasons for this ambush. troubled origins. There is no doubt that in a few days, clarifications on this matter will be revealed.

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