Vehicle of the Consumer Defender is injured: there are 4 injured workers

A serious traffic accident occurred this afternoon at kilometer 38 and a half of the road that leads from the San Óscar Romero airport to the Salvadoran capital, leaving at least 4 people injured.

The crashed vehicle belongs to the Consumer Defender and the injured are all employees of said agency.

Rescue Commands gave attention to the victims who have been transferred to the General Hospital of the Salvadoran Social Security Institute.

«The Consumer Ombudsman’s Office in the face of the traffic accident that occurred this afternoon, October 12, on the highway that leads from El Salvador airport to the capital, and which has affected four public servants from the inspection team of this Ombudsman’s Office, makes the public knowledge that all are being treated in the general hospital of the ISSS “, notified the institution in a statement.

According to emergency sources, the motorcyclist of the unit lost control of the unit crashing into a tree.

Photo: Firefighters of El Salvador

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