Venom Let There Be Carnage: the first 7 minutes of the film revealed by Sony

News culture Venom Let There Be Carnage: the first 7 minutes of the film revealed by Sony

Published on 11/24/2021 2:55 PM

While waiting for Spider-Man No Way Home in a few weeks, Sony Pictures reminds us that his last big production is still in theaters: the first seven minutes of Venom Let There Be Carnage have just been uploaded.

Despite the critical success of Venom first of the name, Sony Pictures will quickly decide to engage with a sequel, called Venom Let There Be Carnage. Truth be told, we can easily understand this decision since the 2018 feature film grossed the fabulous sum of $ 856 million at the box office: as much to say that the commercial expectations around this second film are major.

The debut of Venom Let There Be Carnage released by Sony Pictures

Released on October 20, 2021 in France, Venom Let There Be Carnage is officially a financial success: as of november 4, we declared more than $ 400 million in box office. Suffice to say that today, the statistics must have swelled even more.

In order to motivate a few more crowds, Sony Pictures is coming to broadcast directly the beginning of his feature film, that is to say the first seven minutes. They can be found in our video player above.

As a reminder, Venom Let There Be Carnage is directed by Andy Serkis, actor famous for his role as Gollum in The Lord of the Rings (among others), also behind the making of films like Mowgli.

Venom, the central hub of the Spider-Verse, and Spider-Man’s future

If Venom 2 is so important, it is obviously for the money it can recover, but also because it helps to establish the whole future of Spider-Verse. After Spider-Man No Way Home, our dear Spider-Man will leave the MCU to return entirely to the hands of Sony Pictures, which owns the rights. The character will therefore be attached to the Spider-Verse, the Extended Universe built by Sony itself and revolving around Peter Parker and his villains.

A climax, when we know that this famous “Spider-Verse” was built in its infancy without Spider-Man, then profoundly distorting the origins of Venom himself. However, lThe two rivals should indeed face each other one day soon, as many clues suggest. : Andy Serkis himself said it several weeks ago!

By the way, remember the arrival in January of the film Morbius (integrated into the Spider-Verse), emblematic enemy of the weaver who will be played for the occasion by Jared Leto: his latest and recent trailer is available at this address. A next feature film will also be awarded to Kraven the Hunter …

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Venom : Let There Be Carnage – le film

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