Verdict: Ahmaud Arbery case: defendants sentenced to prison terms

In February 2020, three white men shot dead the unarmed jogger Ahmaud Arbery. Contrary to expectations, they have now been punished for it.

The fatal shots at the unarmed black jogger Ahmaud Arbery in the US state of Georgia, for which three white “leisure sheriffs” were responsible in February 2020, unlike many Afro-Americans feared, had drastic consequences:

George McMichael (65), his son Travis (35) and William Bryan (52) were found guilty of murder, among other things, by a predominantly white jury in Brunswick on Wednesday. Especially the one Shooter Travis McMichael faces a long prison sentence. He was certified to be deliberate.

Arbery’s mother bursts into tears

At the moment of the verdict being pronounced by Judge Timothy Walmsley, the victim’s mother, Wanda Cooper, broke in tears of joy the end. In their unanimous decision, the jury followed the line of prosecutor Linda Dunikoski. She had held against the white trio with a racially primed intention to kill. The defense spoke against it Self-defense, which within the framework of a legally legal “Citizen arrests”Became necessary.

The McMichaels and Bryan, unjustifiably, thought Arbery was one housebreaker. They pursued him on their own. They tried to drive him off the road with the car. As Arbery unarmed on that heavily armed father-son duo met, his fate was as good as sealed. While attempting to disarm Travis McMichael, he was shot three times Shotgun and died a short time later.

All of that is on Cell phone videos recorded by William Bryan personally. They did not emerge until two months after being considered by many experts to be Lynchmord qualified act on. By then, the perpetrators were at large because the local judiciary turned a blind eye. We knew each other, old McMichael used to be a cop himself.

USA: Videos of Arbery assassination cause an outcry

The videos sparked a public one Outcry the end. Other prosecutors took over. The trio was arrested. The charges were: murder, attempted dangerous bodily harm and deprivation of liberty.

When that Sentence is announced is still unclear. What is clear, however, is a second process that the Justice Department in Washington will lead from February and the perpetrators additionally because of a racially motivated one Hate crime indicting: President Joe Biden said: “A black man should be able to go jogging without fear for his life.”

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