Verdict: Murder robbery in Hordel: Life imprisonment for the accused

A verdict has been reached in the second trial of the murder and robbery in Hordel. The accused was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder.

The verdict in the second trial of the brutal robbery murder in Bochum Hordel in February 2019 before the district court. The 36-year-old man was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder. Judge Jens Happe announced this on Tuesday.

Murder robbery in Hordel: “His death is so senseless and leaves so much pain”

Murder combined with robbery resulting in death – that was the overall verdict. In the end, all indications pointed to that. “We just couldn’t find the answer to one question,” said Happe right at the beginning of the verdict. Why did the 68-year-old homeowner have to die? “His death is so senseless and leaves so much pain,” Happe continued. The victim’s adult children and their families also followed the verdict.

The question was what role the 36-year-old accused played in the crime on the afternoon of February 4, 2019. With balaclavas over his head, he and the second perpetrator – he was sentenced to “life imprisonment” for murder in April 2020 – entered the 68-year-old’s house. First the partner (then 71) of the pensioner was brought to the ground. Then the master of the house appeared.

Perpetrators wrapped 5.20 meters of tape around the 68-year-old’s head

The victim was struck down, then tied prone with duct tape at the legs and feet. The hands were glued crosswise on the back. And above all: The entire face was glued in several layers, including the mouth and nose. The tape around the head alone was 5.20 meters long. The man said it couldn’t breathe. “You didn’t let that impress you either,” said the judge about the 36-year-old perpetrator.

He and his accomplice then threw several jackets over the body. The victim suffocated painfully. The partner, who didn’t move for the next one to two hours, finally called the emergency number, the police and emergency doctor could only determine the death of the senior.

Because the accused was in prison in his home country of Poland in the first trial for other crimes and was only extradited to Bochum in October 2021, a second trial began in March 2022 against him alone. There, after being silent for ten days in session, he declared that only his accomplice had killed the pensioner; meanwhile he himself was upstairs looking for prey.

Life sentence for the accused (36)

Judge Happe considers this almost impossible, he explained in the verdict. Different indicators would show that. The partner, who has also died in the meantime, always spoke of two perpetrators who spoke in a foreign language in later witness statements, for example. In addition, the victim resisted – the shackles were hardly feasible for a single person. The accused’s DNA, which was found on the body, also indicated that both men tied up the man and thus killed him.

“The victim didn’t have the slightest chance of surviving,” summarizes Judge Happe, who speaks of intentional action. After the two perpetrators tied up the 68-year-old, they would have searched the house for another hour and a half – and probably did not look after the dead man or his partner. The criminal responsibility of the 36-year-old perpetrator was not restricted either. He’s going to prison for life.

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