Vero Lozano defined her future and that of her program on Telefe

If there is something that characterizes Vero Lozano is that she has always been a straightforward and honest woman, probably two of the qualities that have made her gain so much popularity among the public.

As is known, the figure of Telefe has been on that screen for many years and on more than one occasion there were versions about his possible exit from the channel, something that Vero Lozano has taken care to deny.

The host has been on the air for six seasons with “Cortá por Lozano”.

Days ago, Vero Lozano attended the birthday of nothing more and nothing less than his colleague and dear friend Lizy Tagliani, where she was approached by a “Relentless” mobilethe cycle of gossip led by Susana Roccasalvo in El Nueve.

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