Very few buy it at the supermarket but this is the butter of the chefs

Butter is one of the many purchases that are badly needed. Of course, in many regions of Italy this ingredient has little success. In fact, the Mediterranean peoples prefer to cook everything with extra virgin olive oil. Butter would be relegated to very few preparations, especially Northern European dishes. Furthermore, few know that butter could solve this common and widespread problem we have with pasta. Furthermore, there are preparations that require butter: let’s just think of the French omelette. So, one more reason to buy it. Yes, but which butter to buy? At the supermarket there are many types and few have the opportunity to go to the high mountains to get it. In reality, there is a solution. In particular, very few buy it at the supermarket but this is the chef’s butter.

A butter that is also perfect for breakfast

Like so many other delicacies for the palate, the butter we are talking about today comes from France. It is called tourage butter. It is an extremely plastic and homogeneous butter that is perfect for making puff pastry. In fact, unlike oil, which has all fat, butter also has water. The latter is essential for mixing the preparations. However, considering the characteristics of the butterflies, we need to examine a further variable. Normal butter has a melting point that fluctuates between 28 and 34 degrees.

Very few buy it at the supermarket but this is the butter of the chefs

Consequently, the butter risks melting only with processing by hand. In fact, we all know that our body temperature fluctuates between 35 and 37 degrees when we are healthy. Working the butter in these conditions is difficult, so we have to find alternatives. Tourage butter has the great characteristic of melting at higher temperatures, allowing us to work it better. In particular, the butter in question has higher quantities of stearin, which is precisely the characteristic that allows it to melt at higher degrees. This particular butter can be found in the largest and most well-stocked supermarkets or delicatessens.

One last tip

For those who want to save something, there is also the tourage margarine. Sure, the characteristics on the melting point remain similar but the taste changes a lot. It all depends on our willingness to create authentic recipes or recipes similar to tradition while saving a little.


Be careful enough with these negative prejudices about butter: let’s use it without moderation

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