Very grand coalition for Berlin traffic turnaround: CDU for new bicycle streets – even leftists agree

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Among other things, Robert Klages writes about LICHTENBERG and its Polish partner district BIALOLEKA:

  • The CDU parliamentary group submitted seven applications to the district assembly (BVV) for the construction of bicycle streets in Lichtenberg. The other parties seem to have been so taken aback by this that there was approval right down to the left. More on this in the newsletter, other topics this time include:
  • Lichtenberg sends relief supplies for refugees from Ukraine: A visit to the Polish partner district of Warsaw-Białołęka
  • Is it the task of those affected to take a stand against racist or anti-queer violence? Discussion in the BVV
  • First neighborhood block decided for Lichtenberg: Kaskelkiez is to be freed from through traffic
  • After the case of racist police violence in Hohenschönhausen: Interior Minister sees no racism, her ministry quarrels
  • Performance “Museum of Wandering Memory” on Tuchollaplatz
  • Communication with a mask: Photographer portrays staff at the University of Economics and Law
  • Where to go in Lichtenberg Discussion about the largest Christmas market in Berlin

Julia Schmitz writes about TREPTOW-KÖPENICK on the following topics, for example:

  • Mobility in old age: Annemarie Beier from Baumschulenweg works with senior citizens on a voluntary basis
  • New district on the VEB cooling machines site: more apartments, more traffic
  • Dangerous crossing: What’s next on the Wegornstrasse in Altglienicke?
  • “Too much sealing”: left-wing faction criticizes Spreepark renovation plans
  • Protecting animals: Deutsche Bahn is equipping the sand lizards in Schöneweide with sensors
  • Despite the energy crisis: lighting in parks is not switched off
  • Dörpfeldstraße in Adlershof is looking for a new neighborhood advisory board
  • Long weekend in the district: Free admission on Museum Sunday
  • Discover the beauty in the ugly with the photos of Björn Kuhligk
  • Once upon a time in Treptow-Köpenick: listen to stories at the bilingual fairy tale days

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