Very rare: Ritondo wanted to get spicy with Berni for drugs and Fantino left him offside

In an unusual fragment of the interview, the deputy of Together for Change, Cristian Ritondo, told a rehearsed anecdote with which he was going to try to show himself as the political leader who most confronts drugs.

To do this, he recalled a quarrel with Sergio Berni over what happened with an illegal shipment of marijuana that, according to the current Security Minister, “the rats ate.”

“I filed the complaint,” assured Ritondo with a practiced tone of pride and began to tell that in reality it was a missing item, that is, a cargo seized and then stolen.

To which Alejandro Fantino stared at him for a while and said. “Who stole that drug from you?”, “Berni then had pity on you, instead of saying that a Commissioner took drugs from you, he said it was rats.”

A separate paragraph deserves the fact that Ritondo does not even remember that it was not 50 kilos of marijuana that the rats supposedly ate but 540 kilos!!!

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