Vianney proud of his little brother: "You are a virtuous"

Proud, Vianney published this Thursday, August 19 a tender message on social networks celebrating the talent of his little brother, and at the same time unveiled rare photos where he poses by his side.

A great family. If Vianney has been able to build a successful career thanks to his incredible musicality, the relatives of the former coach of The Voice were also spoiled by the gods of talent. Catherine Robert, the singer’s wife with whom he is expecting his first child, is thus a very talented cellist. Fan of his companion, Vianney has also repeatedly invited the latter to accompany him on stage. But Catherine Robert is not the only inspired artist in the singer’s family.

“Am proud to be your brother”

Edouard Bureau, Vianney’s little brother, is indeed a published writer. And after a first book, The lion without a mane, published by Sable Polaire in 2019, the young author is releasing his second novel this Thursday, August 19. At only 28 years old. Something to make his big brother very proud. Vianney did not fail to celebrate the success of Edouard Bureau, dedicating a tender message to him on his Instagram account. My little brother Edouard Bureau is releasing his 2nd novel today !!! The 1st is out of order. This one is even more wonderful. You are a virtuoso. A real. I love you Doudou and I am proud to be your brotherwrote the singer, in caption of photos where he poses alongside his brother. On these rare family photos, the two brothers appear all smiles and very close, brandishing the novel in question baptized The Great Valley.

“He has been writing since we were very little”

This is not the first time that Vianney has displayed his immense pride for his little brother on social networks. Already, when Edouard Bureau’s first book was released, the singer was enthusiastic about the talent and success of his brother: “I’m at the dedication of my brother’s first novel. I’m like a wolf. He shielded the bookstore. I am too proud. He has been writing since we were very young. I’m so glad he ended up getting his writings out of his room“. A family love that moved Internet users, many to applaud the beautiful relationship forged by the two men.

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