Vice Presidency and Ad Hoc Team participated in a discussion on the Project for Proposals for Constitutional Reforms

Vice President Félix Ulloa and the Ad Hoc Team discussed the citizen consultations in the discussion of the disclosure phase of the Constitutional Reform Proposal Project organized by the Salvadoran Alberto Masferrer University (USAM).

In the activity, they reflected on the importance that the will of the people is not limited exclusively to the votes, but that the catalog of rights is expanded and Salvadorans can rely on it:



-Revocation of mandate

-Citizen initiatives.

During the protocol act, the Rector of the USAM, Dr. Daysi de Gómez expressed her gratitude to Vice President Ulloa for visiting this house of studies and for always having a close relationship with the academy. In addition, she stressed that this activity allows students to increase their knowledge about the national reality and that, as a university, they generate a contribution to society.

For his part, the Vice President explained that after 72 years since the conception of the Constitution of the Republic, it is necessary to reform the ideas raised in 1950 and adapt the Magna Carta to the current needs of Salvadorans.


“All the rights that had been incorporated in 1950 were considered as elements of modernization of the State, however, in the 21st century other needs have arisen and the expansion of these guarantees is eminent.” raised.

In the same way, he asserted that this is a historical process since the Project of Proposals for Constitutional Reforms is not preceded by violent acts as in the past, on the contrary, it is carried out within a framework of peace. In addition, he stressed that today the people have the right to express their proposals, there is political will to change the fundamental norms under a citizen consultation, proof of this is the position of President Nayib Bukele in guaranteeing the well-being and voice of Salvadorans.

In the activity, Dr. Mauricio Rodríguez explained that the importance of the Constitution of the Republic being written clearly, so that the rights of the population are not at the mercy of an interpretation, likewise, he pointed out that with the Reform Project Constitutional, in addition to guaranteeing a clear wording, it is sought that the people can have a voice and vote beyond the electoral elections.

In the same way, he explained some of the suggested additions:

-Plebiscite: Citizens would have the power to issue an opinion of weight in the important decisions of the country and the Ruler could consult them about them.

-Citizen initiative: It would grant the Salvadoran the possibility of externalizing their proposals for Law to the Legislative Assembly.

-Revocation of mandate: It would allow an official, under established circumstances and requirements, to be dismissed by the population itself.

Regarding the issue of citizen participation, the Speaker, Maestro Miguel Flores, said that the possibility of expanding democratic spaces is opening up since for the moment there is a limitation of it.

In the conversation, also attended: The Secretary of the Ad Hoc Team, Lic. Adolfo Muñoz and the members of the Team: Licda. Jazmín de Avilés, Licda. Rocío Brand and Lic. Alfonso Flores; Teachers, Students, Media and the general public.

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