Vicente Fernández depends on ventilation due to tracheostomy

Mexico City.- Vicente Fernández’s family and spokespersons reported on social networks that although the singer is stable, he still depends continuously on specialized health care.

“He is currently stable, awake, conscious with interaction with his family at the time of his visit,” says an official statement posted on Instagram.

“Very dependent on ventilation through tracheostomy, his respiratory effort is still weak, this generated by the same disease that affected his peripheral nerves.”

In the letter, which has already exceeded 58 thousand “Like”, and after which hundreds of fans have expressed their good wishes towards the interpreter and his family, it is assured that Fernández’s quality of life has been limited since he suffered a spinal cord trauma at the level of his cervical spine.

“Since his hospital admission in August, we deal with multidisciplinary medical care to improve the health of Mr. Vicente Fernández,” it is explained in networks.

“His family has been by his side in this disease process since his hospital admission, which has limited his quality of life, and now he is continually dependent on specialized health care.”

The letter indicates that, due to the type of disease and sequelae presented so far, “it has remained in a stationary state, with a slow progression, for which it does not show significant changes in its state of health.”

The announcement ends by thanking the fans and the media for their respect during this difficult stage in the singer’s life.

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