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Vicente Pizarro and the responsibility of the youth: “Those of us who are trained at home know in Colo Colo that we must always fight for important things”

El Vicho analyzed the present of those trained at home in the Cacique in the face of the fight to be crowned in the 2022 National Championship.

Vicho Pizarro has the illusion of being champion alive.
© William Salazar.Vicho Pizarro has the illusion of being champion alive.

Vicente Pizarro faced the microphones at a press conference this afternoon at the Monumental Stadium, this prior to the important duel against Unión La Calera this Sunday, August 28 (5:30 p.m.) at the Nicolás Chahuán Nazar Municipal Stadium for the date 23 of the National Championship.

The flywheel formed at home he is one of the youngsters who has seen the most action this season and it would not be unusual for him to go from the start against the cement workers, especially considering the large number of casualties that the Cacique has at the moment.

Regarding what this 2022 has been for him and his other colleagues from the white hotbed, the son of Jaime Pizarro stated that “Like many people trained in the club, we know what this club is, that we always have to fight for important things. We know the responsibility that this carries. We are 100% focused on that, that in the moments that we have to play we have to respond “

All the people trained at home have that mentality of knowing what Colo Colo is and where it should always be”, added Vic.

When analyzing the biggest on the campus, the midfielder maintained that “the players who have more experience help us a lot. Esteban Pavez and Gabriel Suazo know what Colo Colo is. They guide us and set the path that we must travel. The matches make us realize things, the things we must do and correct”.

“I prepare and train for when I have to play. The team and my teammates help me to adapt in the best way, they tell me the things that I can improve. I focus more on what the team does. I have to prepare well so that when it’s my turn, I do it in the best way”, he pointed out.

To close, the home-trained concluded that “more than pressure, we feel a responsibility, which is to keep Colo Colo where he has to be. We are strong and united. The match with La Calera depends on us and we are working for that”.

Albos and Caleranos will meet this Sunday, August 28 at 5:30 p.m. at the Nicolás Chahuán Nazar Municipal Stadium and you can follow it LIVE AND ONLINE by DaleAlbo.

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