Vicente’s number 1 fan! Jaime Pizarro does not miss any game

Vicente Pizarro definitely stayed with a starting position in the Gustavo Quinteros scheme in Colo Colo. The midfielder has everyone delighted with his great physical and tactical game.

So much so that the same fan recognized him with great applause in the first match with the public at the Monumental stadium. He, along with Maximiliano Falcón, unleashed madness in the white fans.

However there is a fan number 1 and that surpasses anyone. It is about his father Jaime Pizarro, who since the public returned to the stadium has not missed any game of his son Vicente.

The champion of America has been seen both times at the Monumental stadium supporting his son, while he also appeared at the Nicolás Chauán Nazar de La Calera stadium for the 1-1 draw.

Jaime Pizarro in La Calera seeing his son Vicente

Without a doubt Vicente’s number 1 fan. A cunt dad who takes out his chest for the great moment of his son in Colo Colo that makes everyone happy. The heir little by little begins to write his own history with this club.

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