Vicho Pizarro wins the Chile Cup at the same age as his father

Colo Colo lifted his thirteenth trophy of the Chile Cup. The white painting He beat Everton de Viña del Mar by two to zero with the conquests of two talented young people such as Pablo Solari and Joan Cruz.

But one who has been having good commitments is the midfielder Vicente Pizarro. The ‘Vicho’ has been winning the affection of the fans with good performances that ended up giving him credits to be one of the headlines in the last time.

And it is that the midfielder became champion of the Chile Cup with only 18 years. A historical consecration that equals one well known to him, and that also defended the colors of the white painting.

Jaime Pizarro He was also crowned champion with Colo Colo for the first time at the same age as the ex-footballer, where he was even present this Saturday afternoon, he was accompanying his son in the Public Prosecutor of Talca.

And it is that both Vicente and Jaime were champions of the Chile Cup. Vicente did it in this commitment in 2021, but his father did it in 1982, being the first title for both with the Cacique shirt.

A lot of learning is what the white midfielder will have from now on with a great career that begins to contain with the white box. An important happiness that the Pizarro family adds with this little giant in El Cacique.

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