Victoria and Madeleine’s success – shocking information about the princesses’ money

Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Madeleine

Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Madeleine are different from the world’s other princesses – read more about the royals’ financial success!

That’s why Madeleine nods to the Nobel Festival in 2022 – the court confirms

After the commercial: That’s why Madeleine nods to the Nobel Festival in 2022 – the court confirms


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Crown Princess Victoria and her little sister Princess Madeleine have less reason to turn over every penny!

Victoria and Madeleine are two of the world’s richest princesses.

Unlike the rest of us, Victoria and Madeleine’s income is not called “salary”.

Royalty gets a share of the appanage. The appanage is actually tax money that goes to the royal house and the royal family.

The royals receive money due to the royal engagements they undertake. Royal commitments can be traveling to duchies or attending various galas or events. It is also not unusual for the royals to represent Sweden abroad through state visits to other countries.

The court’s defense: Therefore, Sofia and Carl Philip receive 1 million from the state

Receives “salary” through the appanage

Crown Princess Victoria gets a larger share of the appanage than her siblings Carl Philip and Madeleine. The Crown Princess couple has 4.5 million to use. Victoria performs many royal duties, all due to her role as crown princess and future head of state.

Since Princess Madeleine has built a life in the United States, she is very rarely involved in royal missions. It also means that she no longer receives a substantial part of the appanage. The court has explained how Madeleine’s finances work on their website:

“The official commitments that Princess Madeleine performs for Sweden, on behalf of the King, are paid for by the grant (apanage). Other costs for Princess Madeleine’s stay in the USA are paid with private funds,” writes the court.

Victoria and Madeleine – richest princesses

The financial situation of the Swedish princesses is pleasing to say the least. The private assets are at a staggering sum!

It appears that the princesses belong to one of the richest princesses in the whole world. Victoria and Madeleine are tied for an honorable fourth place on the list.

The princesses should both have a fortune of 10 million dollars each, which in today’s situation is just over 100 million Swedish kronor, this according to Celebrity Net Worth.

That’s how it went when the king removed Madeleine’s children from the royal house

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